Wabora…..Wellington St W, Toronto

Food & Drink

The Thompson hotel has three restaurants located on the main floor. The Thompson Diner, Scarpetta (which is only open for dinner) and sushi restaurant, Wabora. This Japanese fusion restaurant run by chef Minsoo Kim offers a dizzying array of specialty rolls. There are also Korean dishes as well.

The sleek black interior gives it more of a club feel and I love how when you walk in you can see the display of porcelain plates signed by all the famous celebrities and athletes who have eaten there.

My boss loves sushi so he took us here twice the past few months for lunch. Their lunch special is very good, letting you spend around $10-12 dollars for two specialty rolls or a bento box. Their bento boxes are enormous! I got a Sushi bento which, if I’m remembering correctly, came with fresh sushi, dessert, seaweed salad (my favourite), japchae (my other favourite) and maybe something else. The second time I went for the Wabora roll with three kinds of raw fish (yellow tail, salmon, and tuna). The fish was fresh but overall the roll was kind of dry. It only came with five pieces which was a little disappointing since I was predicting 6-8 but I felt full afterwards.

The service here is great and is what comes to mind first when I think about Wabora. The food is okay. I prefer Sushi and Bento for sushi. The quality there is better but for those more interested in the other aspects of restaurant dining like service and atmosphere, give Wabora a try.

Sushi Bento Box (Close up of the sushi)

wabora2Wabora Roll
wabor3 Open Concept Kitchen/Sushi Stationwabora