Macarons from Charming Desserts…..Toronto

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charming desserts macarons

So delicious!




The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder…..St Clair Ave W, Toronto

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stockyards smokehouse

Words cannot describe how much I love this place.

It’s a tiny joint over at St. Clair West and if you get there after six,  you’ll have to join the line up, but it is so worth it. Only seats about 20 people at a time but the wait staff is super friendly and well-informed.

The setting is all hardwood floors and stainless steel cups, very no nonsense. You can tell they are just focused on serving up quality comfort food. They also have a vintage blue fridge that holds mini Coke bottles and their homemade Limeade (definitely worth a try). They don’t serve alcohol though.

The chicken here is unreal. Get it. The third time I came here I got the pulled pork sandwich which was good, but the smell of fried chicken everywhere nearly drove me mad. So crispy and juicy on the inside. God, I’m starting to sound like a KFC commercial, but it’s really that good!

You have the option of getting take out as well, but I would much rather eat my food while it’s hot, just make sure to beat the evening rush!

They serve chicken and waffles only on the weekends so I’ll definitely be coming back for that.