Buca…..King St West, Toronto


This was one of my favourite meals. Initially we made dinner plans at Spice Route but at the last minute they called to say we had to leave by eight o’clock since they had a company function. We had made reservations for 7 a week in advance. I was pretty steamed about this and do not plan on going there any time soon. I’ve already heard horror stories about their service but to be treated so rudely before getting to a restaurant is unbelievable.

We decided to go to Blowfish instead but they were closed for renovations so we walked down the street to Buca. This was an extremely cold day so we were pretty grumpy but upon being ushered into Buca, we were in awe of the high ceilings and brilliant light installation in this hidden Italian restaurant.

It’s easy to miss Buca if you don’t locate the dime sized red sign but definitely worth finding. Although we did not have reservations the host gave us the option of sitting at the chef’s table (an elevated large dining table close to the open kitchen). We were only a party of four so we asked if we could sit somewhere else. He quickly found us a table to our relief and I ordered a drink immediately. The food here was absolutely delicious. For starters we got the bruschetta and nodini, warm bread knot. The cured duck yolk in the bruschetta complimented it beautifully.

As a main I went for the ravioli with braised goose, foie gras, and roasted squash. The presentation was great and the taste sublime. This was my first time having goose and it tasted a lot like char siu (BBQ pork). We also got the Branzino (grilled sea bass) a simple and very well executed dish, Bigoli (duck egg pasta) which had great smoky flavors, and another pasta dish.

The service here was great and I loved the ambience a lot. Make sure to try the tiramisu and if you don’t decide to get dessert you will be glad to know that complimentary coconut macaroons come at the end of the meal.

buca2 buca3 buca


Gusto 101…..Portland St, Toronto

Food & Drink

This is probably my favourite restaurant on King St. West. It serves authentic Italian food and has the best ravioli dish I’ve ever tasted.  Sadly, they are not currently offering it anymore on their fall menu but the pumpkin agnolotti is also quite delicious. The octopus salad is a must try!

gusto101_2 Octopus Salad




Pumpkin Agnolotti


Upstairs Patio


Lee’s Restaurant…..King St W, Toronto

Food & Drink

This is what I envision foodie paradise to look like.

Over the weekend we had a chance to go to Lee’s Restaurant. This is one of the many restaurants owned by world renowned chef, Suser Lee, who fuses Asian and French cuisine to create a truly memorable dining experience. All of the dishes are designed for sharing which is a good thing since you get to try several different dishes, but it’s definitely a bad thing if you’re the one who picked the Singaporean Slaw, because despite it’s enormous size, you will want to eat it all yourself!

The waiter rattled off the 19 ingredients used to put together the slaw and mixed it for us. We ordered a slaw with tuna sashimi (you can also order it by itself or with salmon). One person in our party was not a huge fan of tuna, but upon trying a piece at Lee’s has changed her mind. Get this! You won’t regret it. The flavors are mind-blowing. It’s recommended for two people but our party of four had trouble finishing it.

We also shared a tuna and watermelon ceviche which you can see in the martini glass below. It’s a special item that everyone in the place seemed to be ordering and also an item they are offering at Bent, a Japanese joint owned by Suser Lee’s sons.  We also ordered cheeseburger spring rolls (which tasted exactly like how it sounds like), wasabi cod, and crab cake. Highly recommend the slaw and cod. All of the dishes were beautifully  presented.

Oh, and there was also a moment where Suser Lee casually came out of the kitchen and we all freaked out. Everyone else played it very cool but we were huge dorks about it.

Watermelon and Tuna Ceviche

lee 1

Singaporean Slaw

lee 2

Cheeseburger Springroll

lee 3



Fish Tacos on Wednesday……King St W, Toronto

Food & Drink

The last time I was at The One That Got Away, I ordered a fish sandwich and it was delicious. There’s a 5-10 minute wait when you order because everything is made fresh, but that doesn’t deter everyone who goes there on their lunch break. This time we came on Wednesday, the only day in the week when they serve fish tacos. This special is offered after 2PM and we were there early but they made an exception since it was a slow day.

the one 2

I’m a sucker for a well made taco during the summer and since The One That Got Away is known for their fish I was really excited to try this.

I really wish it wasn’t a soft shell taco. If it was hard shell, maybe the experience would have been better. We were even wondering at first why the waitress gave us forks with our tacos but we soon realized that the huge serving of tomatoes turns the taco into a soggy mess. The taco was literally dissolving in our hands as we tried to eat! The fish itself was delicious but the size of the fish was a bit too big. In the end we had to use the forks to eat our deconstructed tacos so I would still say the best place for tacos is El Trompo, but I wouldn’t hold this against The One That Got Away. Their fish is still delicious and I would definitely come back to try their Lobster Roll and Fish Basket.