Sansotei Ramen…..Dundas St W, Toronto

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Finally had a chance to visit cult favourite ramen place, Sansotei. There’s usually a huge line up outside of this tiny joint but we got there early to avoid the evening rush and were seated right away.

The menu is super simple: you have four kinds of ramen to choose from, Tonkotsu, Miso, Shio and Tonkotsu Shoyu. If you want extra toppings like more pork belly or egg that will cost $1-2 dollars more. I went with two friends who hadn’t been there before either and was amazed by the very short and concise menu.

We ordered zangi (deep fried chicken) and gyoza as appetizers, which were both delicious. I ended up ordering Tonkotsu, thin noodles in a creamy pork-based broth which includes black fungus and a perfectly cooked egg, the yolk bright orange.

The pork belly was extremely tender and the whole dish was AMAZING. I’m already making plans to go back. Not a lot of talking once the food arrived, just lots of slurping!

*Not a good place for vegetarians since all of the soups are pork-based.

sansotei 2

sansotei 3

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sansotei 5


Patio Brunch at La Societe…..Bloor St W, Toronto

Food & Drink

Since the weather is a bit warmer now we went back to one of my favourite breakfast spots in downtown Toronto to sit on the patio and people watch.

At La Societe there’s two patios, one on ground level and a more intimate one on the second floor. There’s not a lot of sunlight because of the skyscrapers everywhere, but it’s a nice place to eat when you want to escape the sweltering heat and lounge in the shade.

The food arrived quickly on piping hot plates and was amazing as usual, eggs light and fluffy.  We both had the Eggs Benedict Florentine (poached eggs, spinach, and toast) and thought the lovely over-sized glass bottle of water was complimentary but it turned out not to be, so we made a concentrated effort to drink it all.

la societe patio

la societe patio 2

la societe patio 3

la societe patio 4

la societe patio 5