Clafouti…..Queen St W, Toronto

Food & Drink

The Crookie!



Dessert at Milestones…..Dundas St W, Toronto

Food & Drink

Decided to grab drinks and dessert after our ramen dinner at Sansotei. We ended up sharing a Decadent Duo Dessert ( Ganache Torte and White Chocolate Cheesecake) Great pairing. The cheesecake was super light while the Ganache Torte was made of rich Belgian chocolate. I’ve been to Milestone’s at different locations before, and I’m pretty sure only this one has creepy plastic dolls in the washroom. It’s so out of place from the rest of the decor, but they made me laugh so I’ve included a picture of that too. Can you spot the naked doll?

Milestone’s Original Bellini & Strawberry Margarita

milestone 2

The Decadent Duo

milestone 3

milestone 4

Male Dolls in the Ladies Room. Plus One Lady Doll.