Dim Sum King Restaurant…..Dundas St W, Toronto

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Fish, Chicken, Veggies, Fried Tofu and Sweet & Sour Pork






Sansotei Ramen…..Dundas St W, Toronto

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Finally had a chance to visit cult favourite ramen place, Sansotei. There’s usually a huge line up outside of this tiny joint but we got there early to avoid the evening rush and were seated right away.

The menu is super simple: you have four kinds of ramen to choose from, Tonkotsu, Miso, Shio and Tonkotsu Shoyu. If you want extra toppings like more pork belly or egg that will cost $1-2 dollars more. I went with two friends who hadn’t been there before either and was amazed by the very short and concise menu.

We ordered zangi (deep fried chicken) and gyoza as appetizers, which were both delicious. I ended up ordering Tonkotsu, thin noodles in a creamy pork-based broth which includes black fungus and a perfectly cooked egg, the yolk bright orange.

The pork belly was extremely tender and the whole dish was AMAZING. I’m already making plans to go back. Not a lot of talking once the food arrived, just lots of slurping!

*Not a good place for vegetarians since all of the soups are pork-based.

sansotei 2

sansotei 3

sansotei 4

sansotei 5



Top Saigon Restaurant…..Don Mills Rd, Toronto

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I’ve been here a couple of times but the food this time was just OK.

We ordered a mango shrimp salad that said specifically in the menu that the shrimp was jumbo size but when it arrived looked completely different from what we expected. Luckily they fixed our order and we got what we wanted, but the meal was nothing special and our waitress was pretty rude. The chicken skewers were really good though.

top saigon 4

HK Milk Tea

top saigon

Green Mango Shrimp Salad

top saigon 2

Chicken Skewers (3)

top saigon 3

House Special Pho

top saigon 5



Asian Legend…..Don Mills Rd, Toronto

Food & Drink

My parents went to Niagara Falls over the weekend and my mom won a $100 bucks gambling so she decided to take us out for lunch.

Asian Legend is known for their dumplings (their veggie dumplings are my favourite), but I’m starting to get addicted to their mango fish as well. So good. No complaints about the food but the place was so damn cold! Which sucked because I was still trying to recover from the flu and it made the food get cold fast.

Obligatory tea shot 🙂

asian legend

Fried mango fish with onions and bell peppers

asian legend 2

General Tao Chicken

asian legend 3

Har Gow

asian legend 4

Veggie Dumplings!

asian legend 5

All The Red Lights

asian legend 6

House of Gourmet in Chinatown…..Dundas St W, Toronto

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We always end up eating in a Chinatown restaurant when we go to visit my grandparents and this time was no exception. House of Gourmet is quickly becoming one of our favourite spots because of their delicious food and super fast service (but honestly, I have never been in a Chinese restaurant that didn’t have speedy service, do those even exist?)

Featured below is not for the health conscious. We ordered roasted duck, cold cut chicken, fried Kobe noodles with beef, sizzling tofu, oysters, and also fried crab which was beyond yummy. Didn’t realize until the end of the menu that there were no veggie plate, but oh well. Everything tasted great!









Kim Bo…..Chinatown, Toronto

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My dad’s been raving about this place in Chinatown that serves Fujian noodles, said it was better than pho, so of course I was OUTRAGED (just kidding! :P). But I did decide to go for lunch with him over the weekend to try some southern comfort food and see if it was true.

But, honestly, what can be better than pho?

Apparently it was the first place he ate at when he first immigrated to Toronto about thirty years ago, which I think is so sweet and cute, and he’s been commuting regularly on the weekends just to go downtown and eat this dish.

Kim Bo is not much to look at from the outside, it’s the type of joint you would probably pass right by and never think of stepping into, but the inside is nice and clean and decorated with miniature potted plants and orchids. Our food arrived immediately. Two large bowls of Fujian noodles along with a stack of shrimp pancakes to dip into the soup.

The broth is so good. Unlike pho which uses beef as a base, this soup uses pork and packs so much flavor. I really enjoyed the yellow noodles too. The meat was very tender and it was my first time trying shrimp pancakes which were very crispy and delicious, worked beautifully with the soup. Definitely an underrated spot in Chinatown!

fujian noodles at kim bo

kim bo 2