Beast…..Tecumseth St, Toronto

Food & Drink

I’ve been wanting to try Beast ever since I saw an Instagram picture of Rachel McAdams eating here, haha. I also heard from others that their weekend brunch is great and all of their specialty donuts are made in-house so I was really looking forward to this.

From the outside Beast resembles a small house just off of King and Tecumseth. Inside it felt a little drab with the roughly painted white walls and simple dark wood tables but the white chandeliers and bizarre artwork added some interesting design elements. In one painting is a man with a bird head and on the opposite wall is a woman with what looks like a kangaroo head.

The brunch menu was presented on a single piece of paper and everything sounded absolutely delicious and like it could possibly give you a heart attack.

I went for a Beastwich (buttermilk biscuit, fried chicken thigh, pork sausage gravy, fried egg and pimento cheese) and a Pimm’s Cup (so refreshing) while my friend went with huevos rancheros corn tortillas which came with chorizo, bean salad, avocado puree, egg, sheep’s milk feta, and tomato-red chili sauce.

Are you salivating after just reading those ingredients? Good, cause I am too. The fried chicken had a bit of a spicy kick to it but not too overwhelming. Even though we were stuffed afterwards I had to try one of their donuts so I ordered a maple bacon which, I know, sounds like a gross combination but I really enjoyed it! You can’t really taste the bacon, so the two ingredients weren’t fighting against each other but according to my sister (I halved it and took the rest home with me) you could definitely smell it.

Service was good (everyone was warm and attentive), drinks are cheap, around $5-7 and the portions are generous. You can definitely tell Chef Scott Vivian is a meat lover as many dishes incorporate meat as a side or as part of the gravy or sauce but I did see a vegetarian option on the menu too.

Would definitely come back here again.


beast2 beast3


Patio Brunch at La Societe…..Bloor St W, Toronto

Food & Drink

Since the weather is a bit warmer now we went back to one of my favourite breakfast spots in downtown Toronto to sit on the patio and people watch.

At La Societe there’s two patios, one on ground level and a more intimate one on the second floor. There’s not a lot of sunlight because of the skyscrapers everywhere, but it’s a nice place to eat when you want to escape the sweltering heat and lounge in the shade.

The food arrived quickly on piping hot plates and was amazing as usual, eggs light and fluffy.  We both had the Eggs Benedict Florentine (poached eggs, spinach, and toast) and thought the lovely over-sized glass bottle of water was complimentary but it turned out not to be, so we made a concentrated effort to drink it all.

la societe patio

la societe patio 2

la societe patio 3

la societe patio 4

la societe patio 5