Having a Lazy Sunday and Going for a Beachwalk

I’ve been eyeing these Maison Margiela REPLICA fragrances for a while now, the packaging is just stunning but I could never justify the price. Luckily they released a rollerball duo on Sephora for a fraction of the price so I ended up getting these two for my birthday back in August.

The one I wanted the most was Beach Walk (the full size was sold out everywhere over the summer!) I just love the scent, how it smells like summer but isn’t overly sweet. Lazy Sunday reminds me of fresh laundry, very similar to the CLEAN fragrance scent.

I really wanted to love these two but I don’t find myself reaching for them as much as I did with my previous rollerball Tory Burch signature fragrance (all time fav)

Which one is your favourite Maison Margiela fragrance?