The Greek…..King St West, Toronto

Food & Drink

For all of the foodies who haven’t heard of The Greek, don’t freak out. It’s new. I can’t for the life of me remember what was here before (if anyone remembers please let me know, it’s driving me crazy) but it joins Sushi & Bento and The One That Got Away as another cheap eat option on this King West block. From the outside the place looks pretty small but you definitely realize it’s more spacious once you step inside.

It only takes a few seconds for one to realize that the design aesthetic of this charming little restaurant is right on point.

Whoever was in charge did a great job of making visitors feel like they’re sitting in an ocean side vista in Greece with the simple white and blue colors. Look up and you’ll see that even the ceilings are painted the most perfect shade of Tiffany blue.

They have their one pager menu written in chalk on the walls so you can decide on what to get before you make your way to the back to order. Items are simple. They offer a variety of yogurt as dessert, pitas, salads, and meat sticks. They also have snack options like Greek Poutine (which uses feta cheese), Fried Haloumi, and Loukoumades (honey balls). Even the pop is Greek!

I went with a chicken pita which was one of the more expensive items at $7.50 and a peach pop. We carried our red plastic cafeteria trays to the front of restaurant and unwrapped our food with anticipation. The chicken was smoky and flavorful, the pita soft, but overall it was pretty cold which was a bit surprising since it was just put together. The tomatoes and cucumbers were finely diced and the meat was good but there could have been a bit more sour cream. Portion wise, I don’t think it’s worth more than seven dollars, closer to four or five but by the end I felt relatively full and decided against ordering a snack item.

Some may also feel a bit put out by the small portions (having a daily lunch special could help) but if you’re more concerned about taste than cost, then come on by and try it for yourself. I would definitely come by again to try other options on their menu and hope it does well.




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