Lee’s Restaurant…..King St W, Toronto

Food & Drink

This is what I envision foodie paradise to look like.

Over the weekend we had a chance to go to Lee’s Restaurant. This is one of the many restaurants owned by world renowned chef, Suser Lee, who fuses Asian and French cuisine to create a truly memorable dining experience. All of the dishes are designed for sharing which is a good thing since you get to try several different dishes, but it’s definitely a bad thing if you’re the one who picked the Singaporean Slaw, because despite it’s enormous size, you will want to eat it all yourself!

The waiter rattled off the 19 ingredients used to put together the slaw and mixed it for us. We ordered a slaw with tuna sashimi (you can also order it by itself or with salmon). One person in our party was not a huge fan of tuna, but upon trying a piece at Lee’s has changed her mind. Get this! You won’t regret it. The flavors are mind-blowing. It’s recommended for two people but our party of four had trouble finishing it.

We also shared a tuna and watermelon ceviche which you can see in the martini glass below. It’s a special item that everyone in the place seemed to be ordering and also an item they are offering at Bent, a Japanese joint owned by Suser Lee’s sons.  We also ordered cheeseburger spring rolls (which tasted exactly like how it sounds like), wasabi cod, and crab cake. Highly recommend the slaw and cod. All of the dishes were beautifully  presented.

Oh, and there was also a moment where Suser Lee casually came out of the kitchen and we all freaked out. Everyone else played it very cool but we were huge dorks about it.

Watermelon and Tuna Ceviche

lee 1

Singaporean Slaw

lee 2

Cheeseburger Springroll

lee 3




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