Fish Tacos on Wednesday……King St W, Toronto

Food & Drink

The last time I was at The One That Got Away, I ordered a fish sandwich and it was delicious. There’s a 5-10 minute wait when you order because everything is made fresh, but that doesn’t deter everyone who goes there on their lunch break. This time we came on Wednesday, the only day in the week when they serve fish tacos. This special is offered after 2PM and we were there early but they made an exception since it was a slow day.

the one 2

I’m a sucker for a well made taco during the summer and since The One That Got Away is known for their fish I was really excited to try this.

I really wish it wasn’t a soft shell taco. If it was hard shell, maybe the experience would have been better. We were even wondering at first why the waitress gave us forks with our tacos but we soon realized that the huge serving of tomatoes turns the taco into a soggy mess. The taco was literally dissolving in our hands as we tried to eat! The fish itself was delicious but the size of the fish was a bit too big. In the end we had to use the forks to eat our deconstructed tacos so I would still say the best place for tacos is El Trompo, but I wouldn’t hold this against The One That Got Away. Their fish is still delicious and I would definitely come back to try their Lobster Roll and Fish Basket.


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