The Old Spaghetti Factory…..The Esplanade, Toronto

Food & Drink

Got the chance to head down to The Esplanade during my lunch hour. It was crazy hot but we decided to sit on the patio anyway because it was such a nice day. My favourite Italian dish is lasagna but I’m also a huge sucker for ravioli so I decided to get the Factory Ravioli with butternut squash, caramelized onion, and brie, along with grape tomatoes and baby spinach with white wine cream sauce.

The food took a while to come (to the point where our waitress apologized twice for the wait), but the staff was friendly and the beer was cold and in the end the food was pretty decent.

The ravioli was a bit on the hard side and I couldn’t really taste the white wine in the sauce, but you can’t really go wrong with butternut squash as a filling. The chicken lasagna was pretty good too. Would definitely come back to try some other items!

the old spaghetti factory 1

the old spaghetti factory 2


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