Kim Bo…..Chinatown, Toronto

Food & Drink

My dad’s been raving about this place in Chinatown that serves Fujian noodles, said it was better than pho, so of course I was OUTRAGED (just kidding! :P). But I did decide to go for lunch with him over the weekend to try some southern comfort food and see if it was true.

But, honestly, what can be better than pho?

Apparently it was the first place he ate at when he first immigrated to Toronto about thirty years ago, which I think is so sweet and cute, and he’s been commuting regularly on the weekends just to go downtown and eat this dish.

Kim Bo is not much to look at from the outside, it’s the type of joint you would probably pass right by and never think of stepping into, but the inside is nice and clean and decorated with miniature potted plants and orchids. Our food arrived immediately. Two large bowls of Fujian noodles along with a stack of shrimp pancakes to dip into the soup.

The broth is so good. Unlike pho which uses beef as a base, this soup uses pork and packs so much flavor. I really enjoyed the yellow noodles too. The meat was very tender and it was my first time trying shrimp pancakes which were very crispy and delicious, worked beautifully with the soup. Definitely an underrated spot in Chinatown!

fujian noodles at kim bo

kim bo 2


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